What is “SPLASH”?

splash? Lively, dynamic!

What moves and motivates us: Being an inspiring re-source.

Our guiding principles?

… strengthen, strengthen, strengthen.
… using positive reinforcement to develop and encourage.

… steer processes with commitment & engagement.

We have something that many companies do not have, viz. resources.

It is no secret that the development of personal abilities and competencies requires time, experience and engagement. Very often the one or the other is lacking internally.

Our experience over the last 26 years, and the various possibilities that we have to approach projects like developing skills and abilities, can only add value.

We follow our fundamental principles and the 7 points of contact philosophy. What this means is that we ensure that you or your employees not only develop new ideas, but also the confidence to explore new ways. Our process-based approach helps to support this development. New skills and abilities are effectively internalised and cemented by constantly providing impulses, repetition, feedback and assessment.


People require incentives or pressure to change. We provide incentive through inspiration and fun. We encourage new ideas and demonstrate a creative approach.


Information without experience and training remains information. For the purpose of growth and personal development, it is important that you get out of your comfort zone. We provide a protected environment in which you can experience new possibilities for the first time.


We all know it: the knowing-doing gap. Often, we need gentle pressure from outside to change our behaviour or to act. With enthusiasm and emphasis on sustainability, we are focussed on and engage in transfer.

We pride ourselves in a practical real-world approach that is based on the latest scientific advances.